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Seamless: Social Emotional Learning & Dreamline

You’ve read here before about Shannon Kline, the Dreamline teacher who, in 2018, won a national Sanford Education Award for her work with Dreamline and Social Emotional Learning. In this week’s blog, Shannon Kline explains clearly and simply how the Dreamline student experience aligns with the Social Emotional Learning competencies so many educators are striving to develop in their students. Thank you, Shannon! by Shannon Kline Anson Jones Elementary, Dallas, […]

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Wrapping Dreams in a Blue Cloud-Cloth

by Kelly Cordero I’m happy to introduce Kelly Cordero, the author of this week’s Impact blog entry.  When I received the video below a few years ago from Kelly, it knocked my socks off! Now a few years down the road, Caleb Greenwood students are declaring and sharing their dreams more than ever–most recently in a live open mic Skype between their Kindergarteners and a hundreds of students gathered at The […]

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