How to Dreamline


Dreamline 1-page Printable:

Dreamlining means bringing your students’ hopes and dreams to a flag, then creating an instant global audience for the art, words, and VOICE of each and every student’s dream–sharable with family, friends, community, and the world. Here’s how…


Download the Dreamline app to a mobile device — yours or someone else’s’:
Apple or Android


Register yourself and your school on Dreamline. You will enter basic school contact and school or organization information. You will also indicate groups in your school. e.g. 1st graders or Mrs. Miller’s 1st grade. You can name the groups as you wish.
We recommend creating at least one group for each grade level participating.
Only teachers or adult leaders can post on Dreamline. Anyone can download and view/share flags on the app, but only registered and approved adult leaders can post. We ask that each teacher create their own account and not share it for security purposes and because the registered teacher is credited with the posts.


click above and fill out online form


  1. Create time and place for students to reflect on what they care about most–the dreams from their hearts–what keeps them going, what they would like to see changed in 20 years or when they are adults.

  2. Create writing activities for students to express their aspirations and dreams to share with the world. Look at the resources below to get started.
    (Age levels are approximate, and all activities can be adjusted for different ages and level of literacy.)
    Beginning Literacy (age 3-7 English 1st language speakers)
    Dreamline Flag Template – Acrostic
    Intermediate Literacy (age 8-12 English 1st language speakers)
    Dreamline Flag Template – Oh I have a dream (nv)
    Dreamline Poetry Assignments
    Advanced Literacy (age 13+ English 1st language speakers)
    Dreamline Flag Template – 3 Steps A (nv)
    Dreamline Flag Template – 3 Step B (nv)
    Dreamline Self and Purpose Activity
    Dreamline Self + Purpose Reflection Worksheet
    Dreamline Poetry Assignments


This 4 minute video shows you step by step what’s listed below. (Courtesy of Liz Ortiz)

  1. PHOTOGRAPH each flag with your mobile device. Do it vertically (up and down). (To tech savvy: use 4:3 aspect ratio for best results.)
  2. UPLOAD each flag image with the Dreamline app. Use ADD FLAG on the app. It will prompt you for login email and the password you set in Registration.
    Notes:You need to select the group you made in Registration before you upload.(e.g. Mrs. Miller’s 1st grade)
    1/8/18 know error: When you upload, it prompts you asking if you want to change the flag. Ignore this and say YES. It will work. (We are working to fix this.)
  3. TAG: In the space under “Description,” you can type related #UN SDG’s for the flag and any other # or text you wish.
    ›Some teachers type the poem as well so it’s searchable.
  4. RECORD VOICE for each flag. You can do this when you upload the picture or later, using the EDIT icon (pencil) on the flag.>Hold the phone or tablet near the student’s face (like a mic) and use the buttons to record, review, and save.
    >Choose the language.
    >You can make multiple recordings in different languages, for one flag.

›If you upload photos of Flags fist, then go back later to add voice recording, use SEARCH and select MY Flags. You’ll see your collection. Tap to enlarge and see Edit icon to add voice recording.


  • Give credit to your school! Send out the site address to your community with a link to the Gallery. Searching for your school will bring flags and voices into every home and phone on the go. The hope flags will remain up until March.
  • Give hope to those who need it. Publicize your group’s flags on your social media with #dreamlineapp tag and others you like. With the app, you can socially share any individual flag as well. Sind inspiration to friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!